Airbus Investors Ink $5M Deal Over Corruption Probes

Airbus Investors Ink $5M Deal Over Corruption Probes

Over a thousand organizations worldwide are leading the zero-carbon transformation by setting emissions reduction targets grounded in climate science through the Science Based Targets initiative . If there is no corrosion as a result of the actions required by the introductory text of paragraph of this AD, before further flight, apply primer and paint protection. As a result of the visual inspection, if there is a crack, this AD requires removing the MRH sleeve from service and installing an airworthy part. If there is not a crack, this AD requires an inspector with a certain qualification using high-frequency eddy current to inspect the “Specific area” of the MRH sleeve for a crack. Assessments of the company’s publicly disclosed information against each indicator, sub-indicator, and metric provide information on the company’s alignment with the Climate Action 100+ goals.

  • Woodsford brought the above ESG failings, and Airbus’ failure to disclose them to the market in a timely manner, to the attention of major international, institutional investors, and has organised them into a special purpose entity, called Airbus Investors Recovery Limited , to engage with Airbus.
  • The FAA previously sent an emergency AD to all known U.S. owners and operators of these helicopters.
  • Accomplishment of the HFEC inspections with no detected cracks after 75 hours TIS since applying the coating, primer, and paint protection constitutes a terminating action for the repetitive inspections required by this paragraph.
  • If the company has set a scope 3 GHG emissions target, it covers the most relevant scope 3 emissions categories for the company’s sector , and the company has published the methodology used to establish any scope 3 target.
  • The company identifies the set of actions it intends to take to achieve its GHG reduction targets over the targeted time frame.
  • The short-term GHG reduction target covers at least 95% of scope 1 & 2 emissions and the most relevant scope 3 emissions .

The documents posted on this site are XML renditions of published Federal Register documents. Each document posted on the site includes a link to the corresponding official PDF file on This prototype edition of the daily Federal Register on will remain an unofficial informational resource until the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register issues a regulation granting it official legal status. For complete information about, and access to, our official publications what is a python developer and services, go to About the Federal Register on NARA’s Pursuant to the AECA and ITAR, the DDTC regulates the export and import of U.S. defense articles and defense services, and prohibits their export overseas without the requisite licensing and approval of the DDTC. According to admissions and court documents, between December 2011 and December 2016, Airbus filed numerous applications for the export of defense articles and defense services to foreign armed forces.

(f) Compliance

Chemically stripping and accomplishing an FPI takes about 8 work-hours for an estimated cost of $680 per MRH sleeve, per inspection cycle. Airbus A330 ALS Part 1, SL-ALI, Variation 9.3, dated November 29, 2017, which the Director of the Federal Register approved for incorporation by reference as of January 2, 2019 . Airbus A330 ALS Part 1, SL-ALI, Variation 9.2, dated November horizontal or trend analysis of financial statements 28, 2017, which the Director of the Federal Register approved for incorporation by reference as of January 2, 2019 . Airbus A330 Airworthiness Limitations Section Part 1, Safe Life Airworthiness Limitation Items (SL-ALI), Revision 09, dated September 18, 2017, which the Director of the Federal Register approved for incorporation by reference as of January 2, 2019 .

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Since early 2019, Wirecard has been the subject of accounting fraud allegations and has lost about 90% of its market capitalization. Since 2010 Woodsford has been helping to hold corporates to account for their egregious behaviour. Working with most of the world’s leading law firms, our strength lies in the combination of our legal experience, investment, business and technical expertise, together with significant financial resources. The Director of the Federal Register approved the incorporation by reference of the service information listed in this paragraph under 5 U.S.C. 552 and 1 CFR part 51.

  • Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls , of which the department is crediting $5 million.
  • Serious Fraud Office announced it had opened a criminal investigation under the U.K.
  • Airbus shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; the Euronext Paris; and the Spanish stock exchanges in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, and Valencia.
  • These tools are designed to help you understand the official document better and aid in comparing the online edition to the print edition.

The intent is for the long-term target to be aligned with a trajectory to achieve the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature increase to 1.5°C with low or no overshoot (equivalent to IPCC Special Report on 1.5° Celsius pathway P1 or net-zero emissions by 2050). If a company’s current emissions intensity is aligned with the assessment scenario used , it is assumed that the intensity will continue to be aligned dividend etfs to buy and watch for 2021 in the long term. Clarifications for meeting the requirements of Metric 5.1b have been added since the March 2021 iteration of the Net Zero Company Benchmark. In order to be assessed as “Yes” on this Metric in the March 2022 iteration, companies must quantify the approximate proportion of emissions reduction each action in their decarbonisation strategy will contribute to their overall greenhouse gas reduction target.

Join the world’s biggest companies by cutting your GHG emissions

The quantitative scenario analysis explicitly includes a 1.5° Celsius scenario, covers the entire company, discloses key assumptions and variables used, and reports on the key risks and opportunities identified. The company employs climate-scenario planning to test its strategic and operational resilience. The company ensures that its decarbonisation efforts and new projects are developed in consultation with and seek the consent of affected communities. The company supports low-carbon initiatives (e.g. regeneration, access to clean and affordable energy, site repurposing) in regions affected by decarbonisation.

We need a race to the top, led by pioneering companies and financial institutions. This will empower peers, suppliers and customers to follow suit and drive governments to take bolder action. DRRT has a “Ethics and Compliance” email available to all clients, contractors, vendors, and others involved in any business relationship with DRRT. The Ethics and Compliance email is a reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when escalation has proven ineffective or is impractical under the circumstances.


This Metric can be achieved by disclosing relevant climate-related quantitative inputs even if the company did not take climate into consideration for such inputs. The financial statements disclose the quantitative climate-related assumptions and estimates. Red—At the overall Indicator level, the company receives a ‘No’ on all Sub-indicators or Metrics that make up the indicator. At the Sub-indicator level, the company receives a “No” for all Metrics that make up the Sub-indicator.

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If Airbus complies with the agreements for the three years , the prosecutions in each jurisdiction will be discontinued. These disclosures, as well as the reports of potential settlement and the actual settlement, caused Airbus’s stock price and market capitalization to drop significantly. Formerly known as the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV , Airbus SE is a Dutch multinational aerospace corporation, operating through its commercial aircraft, defense and space, and helicopter divisions. In terms of revenue, Airbus is the second largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft in the world, slightly behind Boeing, and also manufactures military transports, satellites, and launch vehicles. Airbus shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; the Euronext Paris; and the Spanish stock exchanges in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Climate Change

In May 2022, Airbus agreed a multimillion-dollar settlement (subject to U.S. court approval) in the US with investors who fall into the former category. Airbus has not yet settled with, and has therefore not yet been held accountable to, investors who trade Airbus securities in Europe. You must use this service information as applicable to do the actions required by this AD, unless the AD specifies otherwise.

The assessment will leverage the European Union’s Green Taxonomy criteria on ‘turnover’ for companies headquartered in the E.U. Companies will be an ongoing area of development as part of broader discussions on the use of green revenue classification systems and regional taxonomies. This calculation accommodates an assessment of the strength of the relationship between a company and an industry association, for example a stronger weighting will be attributed where a company has a representative on the board of an industry association.

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